Book Exhibition Hold in Badakhshan

FAIZABAD (BNA) The Information and Culture Department of Badakhshan in cooperation with Ipso Cultural context, held a two days book exhibition in that province on Thursday on the occasion of Book Week.

Information and culture director of Badakhshan Muzeddin Ahmadi told BNA that guns in Afghanistan have now given way to books and pens and that young people should seize this golden opportunity to play an active and valuable role in the development of their country and modernize their world with modern technology.

He acknowledged the decline in reading culture in Badakhshan, adding that smartphones, the promotion and creation of social media, and the internet and electronic libraries have distanced young people from books and reading.

Our country is passing a basic stage in which weapons were used, but now the weapons season is over and it is necessary to make great use of books, pens, education, and education, added Ahmadi.

Mohammad Nasser Mujtaba, a member of the IPSO Cultural context in Badakhshan, gave details on the place of books and pens in the celestial religions, calling Islam the sole founder of books, pens, reading, and writing, adding that the mission of the prophets to mankind Sahifas and books have been created and experience has proved that a lot of research and research by scientists has led to the theology of human beings.


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