Bamyan Hold Mass Wedding Ceremony

KABUL (BNA) The wedding ceremony was organized with the financial support of a charity Foundation in the province, on Thursday.

The Bamyan governor, plus relatives of these couples, young people and members of the media attended the ceremony, said reports.

The governor Mawlavi Abdullah Sarhadhi, said during the mass wedding ceremony, “Chastity, modesty, and peace of a person lie in marriage, which is the ruling of Almighty God and His beloved Prophet.”

“Marriage brings chastity and preserves the honor of a believer, so the parents of our young people should try to provide an easy basis for their marriage and try to reduce the number of herds.” He added.

He said the obscene customs and traditions that exist in our society we should avoid unnecessary expenses and obscene customs and traditions so that all our behaviors are by the Islamic Sharia and we get the good of this world and the hereafter.

He asked scholars to always advise people about reducing wedding expenses in their sermons.

Mohammad Ali Ahmadi, who is in charge of organizing this celebration, expressed his appreciation to the benefactors who supported tit he said “We hope that other benefactors will also follow this good tradition and be the founders of the next event.


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