ARCS Prioritizes Employment Opportunities for Widows Over Cash Aid


KABUL (BNA) In an effort to empower widows and alleviate their financial struggles, the Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) has taken a proactive step by emphasizing employment opportunities over cash aid.

Mawlavi Mati-ul-Haq Khalis, the Acting President of ARCS, made this announcement during a distribution ceremony of work tools for widows who had undergone vocational training provided by the organization.

The ARCS is committed to expanding its efforts beyond creating small businesses for the disabled and has pledged to provide vocational training opportunities for 219 widows across two locations: Dasht-e-Barchi and Karta-e-Naw. These training programs will focus on equipping widows with skills in animal husbandry, poultry farming, and tailoring.

As part of the initiative, each trained widow will receive materials and work tools worth 22,000 Afghanis to aid them in starting their entrepreneurial ventures.


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