After 10 Months We Succeed to Form Mol Formation: Hashemi

AYBAK (BNA) During a visit to Samangan the deputy Minister of Interior In a working meeting with Samangan local officials assessed the police formation in that province.

A statement received by BNA said the meeting was attended by Mohammad Mohsen Hashemi, deputy Minister of Interior, Mawlavi Abdul Rahman Kundazi, Governor of Samangan, Qari Ahmadullah Badar chief of police, and Sami ul-Haq Haqnawaz, Chief of Intelligence the other day in that province.

The Deputy Minister of Interior, while stressing that no corrupt individuals will be involved in the new formation of the Ministry of Interior, said: “If the corrupt individuals are included in the ranks of military organs, it will cause injustice and weaken the administration.”

Deputy of the Ministry speaking of the formation of the Interior Ministry said: “It took ten months of working to create a formation of 161,000 individuals.

The corrupt individuals who disrupt the sector of police and create security tension in the Afghan community will be removed from the ranks of police, he added.


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