Afghanistan and Iran Strengthen Agricultural Cooperations for Mutual Growth


KABUL (BNA) In a bid to enhance agricultural ties, Afghanistan and Iran have announced an expansion of their cooperation in the agricultural sector.

An Iranian delegation, led by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, is set to visit Kabul to solidify bilateral agreements and foster collaboration.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock disclosed that Mawlavi Sadr Azam Osmani, the Deputy Prime Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, held a productive meeting with Gholam Reza Najari, the Deputy Ambassador of Iran in Kabul.

The meeting served as a platform to discuss and explore avenues to strengthen agricultural cooperation between the two neighboring countries.

The expanded cooperation is expected to encompass various areas, including the exchange of agricultural experts, joint research and development initiatives, technology transfer, and the promotion of trade in agricultural products.


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