Afghan Traders in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan Express Readiness to Invest in Afghanistan


KABUL (BNA): The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has announced that Afghan traders residing in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are prepared to return to Afghanistan for investment.

According to a ministry statement, Haji Nooruddin Azizi, the Acting Minister, met with Eng. Azizullah Rozi, a representative of national traders living abroad, and emphasized the importance of unity and collaboration for the country’s development.

Azizi stressed that progress can only be achieved if all ethnicities work together for the development and advancement of their homeland. Rozi, representing traders in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, shared a list of 33 companies willing to return and invest in Afghanistan.

Azizi expressed gratitude for their initiative, highlighting Afghanistan’s resource-rich potential and the need for effective management.

He assured that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan welcomes the return of its compatriots and is committed to facilitating services for the private sector.


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