Afghan Railway Delegation, Iranian Authorities Discussed Work on Herat-Khaf Railroad

KABUL (BNA): A delegation of the Afghan Railway Authority (ARA) led by Mullah Bakhtulrahamn Sharafat head of the department and Iranian railway authorities have discussed work on the third portion of the Khaf-Herat railroad.

ARA in a statement received by BNA said that the two sides during a meeting discussed the resumption of work on the third portion of Herat-Khaf railway transportation via the track.

The source said that the Iranian side assured of its preparedness to resume work on the remaining portion of the railway and use the route for transportation.

Meanwhile, the ARA head thanked the Iranian side for their cooperation and emphasized the continuation of such meetings in the future for better coordination on the railway construction process.

Iranian Urban Affairs Minister Rustam Qasami directed relevant organs of his country to complete work on the remaining parts of the Herat-Khawaf railroad and put it to use before the arrival of winter this year.

Herat-Khaf is a standard railway that connects Khaf in Iran to the Herat province of Afghanistan. The railway is divided into four potions two of which are in Iran and the rest are in Afghanistan.


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