Afghan Consul in Karachi Urges Resolution to Afghan Milli Bank Property Seizure Issue


KABUL (BNA): Mawlawi Sayed Abdul Jabbar Takhari, Acting Consul General of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Karachi, met with Erfan Soomro, a representative of Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Karachi, to address the ongoing issue of property seizure involving the Afghan Milli Bank.

During the meeting, Mawlawi Sayed Abdul Jabbar Takhari expressed concerns about the seizure of two properties owned by the Afghan Milli Bank in key areas of Karachi. Despite efforts to resolve the matter and evacuate the properties, no concrete actions have been taken by security authorities in Sindh province.

In response to these concerns, Erfan Soomro extended apologies for the lack of attention from Karachi’s security officials and pledged cooperation in facilitating the evacuation of the bank’s properties to the Afghan Consulate General.


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