Acting Health Minister Urges Azerbaijan Collaboration with Afghanistan’s Healthcare Sector


KABUL (BNA) In a recent meeting between Dr. Qalandar Ebad, the Acting Minister of Public Health in Afghanistan, and Ilham Mamadov, the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Kabul, the importance of cooperation between the two nations in the health sector was highlighted.

The Acting Minister called for Azerbaijan’s support and collaboration in various aspects of healthcare, aiming to enhance the capacity of Afghan health workers and address pressing health-related issues.

During the meeting, both sides engaged in discussions regarding mutual collaboration in the health sector, with a focus on capacity building initiatives for Afghan health workers.

Dr. Qalandar Ebad emphasized that increasing the capacity of Afghan health workers is of utmost priority, and he expressed his commitment to creating opportunities for capacity building through various means.

The Ambassador of Azerbaijan, Ilham Mamadov, expressed satisfaction with the ongoing collaborative work and enduring cooperation in the healthcare sector. He affirmed Azerbaijan’s dedication to supporting Afghanistan in the field of health and pledged to continue their assistance.

The Ministry of Public Health’s office released a statement highlighting the significance of this meeting and the potential for fruitful cooperation between Azerbaijan and Afghanistan in healthcare.


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