37 Criminals Arrested in Laghman

MEHTARLAM (BNA) Security personnel says 37 people were arrested during police operations in the province for committing crimes.

In the past three months, these people were identified and arrested from the city and a number of districts during special operations of the security forces, according to security officials.

Mawlawi Abdullah Delawar Mohammadi, head of the Laghman Police Department said to BNA that they have succussed in arresting these 37 criminals during three months that were a danger to the security of citizens.

The detainees are accused of theft, banditry, murder, physical conflicts, and usurpation of property.

Mohammadi said that the dossiers of these people have been handed over to judicial bodies.

According to him, the number of criminal cases has down since the police department of Laghman intensified operations against criminals in that province.


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