250,000 Afghan Children Need Food, Shelter, and Education after Repatriating from Pakistan:IOM


KABUL (BNA): The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has stated in a report that 250,000 Afghan children who returned to their country in the past seven months without anything from Pakistan need homes, food, and access to education.

The organization’s report indicates that over 520,000 Afghans since September last year after Pakistan announced that all illegal foreigners should voluntarily leave the country or face expulsion, have returned from Pakistan. Nearly half of all returnees are children.

The organization adds that almost two-thirds (65 percent) of the returned children have not enrolled in school. 85 percent of them said they lacked the necessary documents for enrollment.

More than two-thirds of these children attended school in Pakistan, according to a survey by the International Organization for Migration, the majority of returnees have little or no means to cover their living expenses. Only one-third were able to bring back their assets from Pakistan.


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