Zabihullah Mujahid: The Search for Houses by IEA Forces Has Come to Final Stage

KABUL(BNA) This is awhile of ten days since the start of the clearing operation in Kabul, and security officials say the operation has been a success, with security forces seizing large quantities of weapons and ammunition and discovering several abductors’ hideouts.

Mujahid, spokesman of Islamic Emirate and Deputy Minister of Publications of the Ministry of Information and Culture, told BNA about the stage of the operation in Kabul and its suburbs. A large number of military equipment has been obtained, which has been effective in ensuring the security of the country and has come to its final stage.
Zabihullah Mijahid said about the claim of some media outlets that the spokesmen and officials of the Islamic Emirate do not appear to give information in front of the media cameras, the problem will be solved soon.

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