Youth Issues to Receive Special Focus: Deputy PM

KABUL (BNA): Mawlavi Abdul Kabir, the Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs, has announced that the government will prioritize addressing the challenges faced by the youth. This statement was made during a meeting with Youth Council members from various regions of Kabul, according to an ARG press release.
The council members highlighted that the previous administration was dominated by youth who were influenced by Western values, lacked understanding of Afghan values and Islamic principles, and did not prioritize national interests. They noted that this influence had permeated people’s minds over the past two decades.
However, they expressed gratitude for the increased focus on the spiritual development of youth following the establishment of the Islamic Emirate in the country. The council members appreciated the Islamic Emirate’s openness towards the youth and discussed some of the issues they face.
They emphasized that the Islamic Emirate is committed to preventing youth emigration due to unemployment and aims to create job opportunities within the country. The young participants view the Islamic Emirate as a system shared by all Afghans, and they pledged not to allow the youth to be exploited for Western propaganda or actions against the country and its system.
Mawlavi Abdul Kabir acknowledged that Afghan youth, including school graduates, have been actively involved in the struggle over the past two decades and continue to play a significant role in the Islamic Emirate today. He stated that the Islamic Emirate and its youth are jointly focused on overcoming their challenges.
He further added that the country has now achieved security, eradicated corruption, and operates under an independent system free from biases based on ethnicity, language, or affiliation. Appointments are made based on competence and knowledge, ensuring a fair system for all.

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