People Reacted on killing a Rare Leopard by Gunmen in Nuristan

KABUL (BNA) The killing of a rare leopard by gunmen in the Nuristan has provoked many reactions.

Images circulating on social media today show a number of people hunting a leopard and eventually killing it.

The capture of this rare leopard by gunmen creates a painful tragedy in the minds of those who have seen the images.

The images, which are shared on social media, Tuesday, show a leopard trapped in the clutches of several people.

Villagers in Nuristan confirmed the incident.
On the other hand, a source in Nuristan police told BNA that efforts have been made to track down and arrest the perpetrators of this rare leopard victems.

Rare leopards whose offspring are endangered in the world have recently been seen in Nuristan and Badakhshan of Afghanistan.

The Department of Environmental Protection of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan says it has begun efforts to protect wildlife and prevent the extinction of rare animals.

Bakhtar News Agency

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