Laghman Usurped Lands, Now into Factories’ Authority

MEHTARLAM (BNA) Laghman local officials say the administration of the province retook back thousands of acres of usurped lands from the usurpers on Saturday.

For years thousands of acres of Qarghayi saffron lands were under the captivity of usurpers, yet recently the government reclaim the usurped lands, and put it into factories’ authority for operation, said officials in the province.

Deputy governor Mawlawi head of the commission for preventing the usurpation of government lands in Laghman Saeed Ahmad Banori, in an interview said to Bakhtar, “the usurped lands after recaptured put into factories authority in the province,”.

Meanwhile, hundreds of manufacturing plants are constructed on land in Laghman that was earlier possessed by usurpers.

From production factories to fish farms and poultry farms, Vogel operates in Laghman and on the newly liberated lands.

According to statistics, these factories have employed 40,000 unemployed young people and also produce some of the goods and supplies needed by citizens.

Laghman Deputy Governor Mawlawi Banori and Head of the Commission for the Prevention of usurpation of Government Lands in Laghman Warn usurpers to leave government property or face legal action.


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