Afghanistan Deemed a Favorable Route for Turkmenistan to Access South Asian Markets

KABUL (BNA): During his visit to Turkmenistan, Nouruddin Azizi, the Acting Minister of Industry and Commerce, met with local officials in the city and port of Turkmenbashi. Azizi deemed the Turkmenbashi port as a suitable transit point for Afghanistan and the countries in the Caspian Sea region.
Azizi emphasized that Afghanistan’s route is particularly suitable for Turkmenistan’s access to South Asian markets. He stated that both Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, with their advantageous geographical positions, could experience further economic growth by utilizing this benefit.
He added that the use of the Turkmenbashi port has facilitated the transfer of essential raw materials to Afghanistan. The aim is to maximize the country’s transit sector through this route.
Azizi traveled to Turkmenistan to inaugurate the first Turkmen-Afghan Trade Communication Conference, attend an exhibition of Afghan products, and meet with Turkmen authorities. The goal of these meetings was to enhance commercial and transit cooperation between the two countries.

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