Hajj Minister Saqib Visits Afghan Pilgrim Camps in Saudi Arabia


KABUL(BNA): Sheikh-ul-Hadith Dr. Noor Mohammad Saqib, the Acting Minister of Hajj and Islamic Affairs of and the General Head of the Afghan Hajj Delegation in Saudi Arabia, accompanied by several senior officials from the Makkah delegation’s committee, visited the camps in Mina and Arafat.

The press office of the Ministry of Hajj and Islamic Affairs announced today that the Acting Minister visited the camps designated for Afghan pilgrims in Mina and Arafat before the start of the Hajj rituals.

In addition to inspecting the Afghan pilgrims’ tents, Minister Saqib visited the Ahlul Bayt Foundation and discussed various topics with its officials and the heads of related departments, focusing on providing better services to Afghan pilgrims in Mina and Arafat.

Following this visit, the Acting Minister of Hajj and Islamic Affairs stated that the Afghan pilgrims’ tents in Mina are located near the Jamarat, and in Arafat, they are near Jabal al-Rahmah. These tents are equipped with facilities such as air conditioning, mattresses, and carpets, ready to accommodate the Afghan pilgrims.


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