Public Health Ministry and Kabul University Collaborate on Seminar to Raise Awareness and Prevent Drugs Addiction


KABUL(BNA): The Ministry of Public Health, along with the Jangalak 450-bed  Hospital, in collaboration with the Ministry of Information and Culture and Kabul University, organized a seminar today, May 26th at Kabul University titled “Awareness of the Harms of Drugs and the Adverse Consequences of It’s Use.

During the seminar, experts and participants discussed the severe harms of drug use and its profound negative impacts on society. The event provided a platform for exchanging knowledge and strategies to combat drug addiction.

Hoshmand Qureshi, the General Manager of Social Workers at Jangalak Hospital, informed Bakhtar News Agency that the primary aim of the seminar is to educate the community about the dangers of drug use and to enhance public awareness on this critical issue.

He added that, given the presence of students from all regions of the country at Kabul University, holding such seminars can greatly help in spreading public awareness about the harms of drugs to people across the country.

As the seminar concluded, participants highlighted that drugs pose a serious threat to the country, particularly to the younger generation. They called on the government to intensify its efforts in combating drug use and implementing effective prevention measures.


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