Implementation Plan for Industrial Towns Construction in Panjshir Underway


KABUL(BNA): The Directorate of Industry and Commerce in Panjshir, announced the completion of the industrial town construction project plan in the province, marking a significant milestone in advancing economic development and fostering industrial growth.

Mawlawi Aminul Haq Sahibi, the head of Industry and Commerce in Panjshir, unveiled ambitious plans for the province’s economic development. He announced the forthcoming construction of industrial town, spanning across the districts of Bazarak, Paryan, Hisa-i-Awal, and Anaba.

He further remarked that the engineering team of this department has been tasked with stabilizing the areas where these towns are being constructed, ensuring the development proceeds smoothly and securely.

He emphasized that, in addition to direct cooperation with Hafiz Mohammad Agha Hakim, the governor of Panjshir, discussions have also been held with relevant authorities of the Islamic Emirate in Kabul, as well as with non-foreign aid donors, all of whom have pledged cooperation for the construction of these towns.


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