Shamsul Nahar, 1st Printing House Printed Shamul Nahar Newspaper

Wednesday, May 23, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The first exhibition of books was opened by Jalal Nurani advisor of Ministry of Information and Culture with the cooperation of Sarwar Saadat publishing agency. 
The exhibition displays around one million books consisting of 1135 titles of books in Islamic science, sociology, philosophy, literature, geography and mathematics. 
Addressing the audience Nurani said that such exhibitions are cultural achievements and he called non-existence of printing possibilities a cultural loss in that period and said that in the middle of 19th century for the  for the first time Afghanistan had access to a printing press that printed the Shamsul Nahar daily. 
Touching on the printing and publications during the Shah Amanullah Khan period said that then tens of publications including non-governmental publications existed and after that 1000 titles of books were printed during the 40s and in 60s a great development had occurred in book printing in the country and other foundations like writers journalists unions came into being. 
The ministry of information and culture has facilitated the possibilities for emergency of printing foundations in the country and now over 100 printing plants are functional in the private sector and alongside these the law of media was enforced. 
Meanwhile Jahan Shahi Rayzen from the embassy of Iran to Kabul, Dr, Masoud Tereshtwal head of the private higher education institutions department in higher education ministry and the representative of Hajj and endowment ministry talked on the occasion.

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