Iranian Border Police Firing On Innocent Afghans Martyred A Number of Them

Saturday, May 11, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The officials in Farah province say, that a number of our citizen martyred and injured by shooting of Iranian border police.
It has been said that these people wanted to cross the border of Pashmaki district of Lash Joyand of Farah province to enter Iran targeted by Iranian border police forces.
Abdul Rahman Zhowandoi governor spokesperson of Farah province said BNA, ten Afghan citizen martyred and nine others wounded as a result of shooting of the Iranian border police in area of Pashmaki at the soil of Iran.
According to the source, most of the victims are residents of Herat province.
The bodies of martyred have been transferred to Lash Joyan district.
Abdul Hakim Rassouli chief hospital of Farah province said, the injured of the incident transferred to Farah provincial hospital.
The incident occurred while few months ago a number of Herat residents after crossing the border targeted by Iranian and killed.
The bodies of the victims after some months delay were taken to Herat.
The Iranian authorities have said nothing about the incident so far.

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