IEA Approves its First Annual National Budget without Foreign Support

Kabul (BNA)  The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, today Saturday announced a total budget of 231.4 billion Afs for the fiscal year 1401 which is completely rally on the country’s domestic revenue.

A press conference meeting attended by Mawlawi Abdul Salaam Hanafi deputy of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan announced the finalized budget by the decree of the supreme leader of IEA Sheikh al-Hadith Hibatullah Akhundzada for the year 1401 in the eye of the media, said Bakhtar News Agency reporter.

Deputy Prime Minister said the national budget is one of the main important tools for a government implementation policy, taking into account the emergency and changing the calendar of the fiscal year.

Hanafi adds a total budget for the fiscal year 1401 is estimated at 231.4 billion Afghanis, of which 203.4 billion Afghanis is the ordinary budget and 27.9 billion Afghanis is the development budget.

The financial resources of the country are limited, so the government decided to prioritize public benefit projects first and the projects which are more essential to be implemented said Hanafi.

A target of 186.7 billion afghanis is predicted in the fiscal year 1401 and a budget deficit of 44.7 billion afghanis.

The commission of salary regulation after reviewing carefully deducted the high-rank salaries of officials, but there is no change in low management administration salaries, said deputy PM on Saturday.

During the council, Hanafi proclaimed an increase of 24 thousand new positions in the sector of education in the year 1401.

He said the salaries of 820,000 government employees will be paid through the national budget in the fiscal year 1401.

A reduction has been made in contract or subcontract employees’ policy but they will be recruited based on their capacities in different sectors of government administration to preserve offices constancy.

He said that the budget for the fiscal year 1401 is rallied on domestic revenues, which avoids needless expenses or the purchase of luxury items.

It’s mentionable that After many years the Islamic Emirate has prepared a national fiscal year budget, based on domestic revenues, without any foreign donor’s support.


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