UN Secretary-General Emphasize regional cooperation to Afghanistan

Kabul (BNA) UN Secretary-General pleaded for expand regional co-operation to Afghanistan.

Antonio Guterres, “Without decisive action, severe economic, rising unemployment and the escalation of the humanitarian crisis will fuel despair and promote extremism in Afghanistan,” he said at a UN Security Council meeting yesterday, stressing support for Afghanistan.

He emphasized the importance of regional and international co-operation, as well as cross-border co-operation, the rule of law and justice, and said that the fight against terrorism and support for Afghanistan was at the top of the list. Collective Security – Organizations need to pay attention to that

He called for close cooperation between the United Nations and regional organizations, including the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), to counteract these threats.

This statement is made while the Islamic Emirate considers regional cooperation as the key to solving the problems that are currently overshadowing the relations between the countries of the region.

Bakhtar News Agency

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