Türkiye Ready to Invest in Marble Mines in Afghanistan

KABUL (BNA) The country’s Acting Mines and Petroleum Minister, Sheikh Shahabeddin Delawer, today, Saturday, met Rajab Mustafa, President of Emmeoglu Marmmer Company, and Sheikh Omar Faruq, President of Anadolu Ulama, Turkey in Kabul.

Acting Minister Delawar, said that Afghanistan is rich in mineral resources and security is maintained for foreign businessmen who are interested in investing can freely invest in the country’s mineral resources, mainly in marble, oil, and gas mines, a statement said.

The Turkish investors said that they are interested in investing in the marble mines of Afghanistan located in Kandahar and Herat provinces, according to the ministry.

The Acting Mines and Petroleum Minister hailed their interest in investing in mines in Afghanistan and vowed to cooperate in providing them with investment opportunities.


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