Senators Criticize Pakistan Over Border Shelling

Sunday, May 25, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Members of the Upper House of parliament have called on Pakistan to halt provocative shelling of border regions, saying that both countries must undertake necessary steps to settle down the issues through peaceful means and diplomatic channel.
Senators also asked the government to take essential measures with regard to missile attacks of Pakistani military forces in Kunar and Nangarhar provinces.
The senators added that the Pakistan’s mortar attacks on the border regions are against the territorial integrity and it is a clear violation of international laws and national sovereignty of Afghanistan. Such attacks could undermine bilateral relations between the two nations.
“Pakistan’s rocket shelling is a clear military intervention and we hope that government of Afghanistan takes proper stance with regard to the attacks, “ Senate Ali Akbar Jamshidi said.
Some other citizens have said that until the Durand Line Issues between the two countries are not settled, Pakistan will continue missile attacks.
“The Durand Line issue must be settled to curb insecurity alongside Afghanistan and Pakistan border,” Senator Hidayatullah Rahayee said.”
The senators urged Pakistan to stop attacks on the border regions and do not provoke Afghan nation to retaliate to the cowardly attacks.
“We call on Pakistan to avoid interference in Afghanistan and stop shelling of border regions, Islamabad must also stop supporting terrorist and border issues must be settled through diplomacy,” first deputy of senate speaking Mohammad Alam Ezedyar said.
Last week when a trilateral meeting was underway in Kabul between Afghan Army Chief of Staff Sher Mohammad Karimi, Pakistani Army Chief of Stuff General Raheel and the commander of international forces in Afghanistan Gen. Joseph Dunford, Pakistan on the same day attacked Sarkano district of Kunar province and fired at least 27 missiles which left massive financial casualties to the locals.
Political commentators believe that the Afghan government must raise the issue in international level and prude Pakistan to avoid such attacks and military intervention to avoid any possible confrontation between the two neighbors.
A number of the citizens have strongly denounced the Pakistani shelling on the border regions and call in the neighboring country to avoid provocative actions in the view of current sensitivities.
“Our neighbors have always strived to make sure their influence in Afghanistan under different pretexts, our people are peaceful and they do not want to engage in war with others, government of Afghanistan must take serious reaction against the Pakistan attacks,” local resident Obaid said.
This comes at a time that Pakistan has violated Afghanistan’s sovereignty several times in recent years that the issue has caused major apprehensions among a possible confrontation between the two countries.

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