Qanooni Lauds Disabled To Help Shape The Current System

Wednesday, June 04, 2014
Kabul (BNA) First Vice-President Mohammad Younus Qanooni in a session yesterday heard problems of the country’s disabled and martyred families and said the current system has been formed as a result of sacrifices of disabled and blood of thousands of the country’s martyrs.
Presidential press office said BNA, in the session held with participation of Minister of Higher Education, Minister of Urban Development, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Deputy Minister of Hajj, Deputy Minister of Finance, heads of Wolisi Jirga’s commissions for disabled and martyrs and a number of disabled and martyred families, first Vice President considered giving values to martyrs and disabled as key tasks of Afghanistan people and government, adding that giving values and praising the country’s disabled and martyred families should be changed to a culture in the country because of their sacrifices.
In the session, Deputy Minister of Finance briefed related to increase of salary from 1500 to 5000afg and said the increased salary would be executed in upcoming fiscal year starting from 1st Jan, 2014.
Following, Minister of Urban Development said, “7 % quota has been specified so far related to granting residential apartments including 233 apartments executed for disabled and martyred families, adding we’re increasing the balance to 14%.”
The session also discussed on allocation of 1.5 % budget to Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Disables and Martyrs for addressing to various affairs of martyrs and disabled.
In another part of the session attended by Minister of Information and Culture Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen, deputy minister of finance, deputy of municipality a nearly 26 publishers and officials of book publishing organizations, first Vice President said the session aimed at addressing problems with which publishers, book sellers and book publishing organization were facing.
In the session, Minister of Information and Culture Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen while recalling of a cultural change in reading in Afghanistan said presence of a large number of publishers, book sellers and officials of book publishing organization in the session was a clear evidence that people were now interested in reading books in the country.
“Unfortunately book publishers and sellers have on suitable place for delivering books to people as it is needed a number of centers should be existed in Kabul city and other cities of the country for selling, asking Kabul Municipality to renovate book selling bazaar in old city of Kabul,” Minister of Information and Culture said.
In the session, it was decided that another session should be held under the chairmanship of first Vice President with participation of Minister of Information and Culture, Deputy Minister of Finance and representatives of book publishers and sellers for reviewing the issues decided in the session.

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