Panjshir Tele-communications Service Reconnect

BAZAARAK(BNA) The Panjshir Department of Telecommunications and Information Technology says that a number of areas in Rokha district of the province have been re-covered by telecommunication services.

Engineer Seyed Abdul Ahad Hashemi, the head of the Afghan Telecommunications Department in the Telecommunications and Information Technology department of Panjshir said the areas included the villages of Golzangar, Hesarak, Karbashi, Kandeh and Payavasht, which have covered by telecommunications services for the second time.

He said that with the activation of this telecommunication network, the problem of thousands of families in Rokha district in sector of communication is now solved.

He added that Afghan Telecom Panjshir plans to expand more telecommunication services in the province soon.

Meanwhile, the citizens of Rokha district of Panjshir province thanked the Afghan officials and said that with the reactivation of this telecommunication site, they will not have any problems in sector of communication.

Bakhtar News Agency

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