Panjshir Students Participate in Islamic Emirate Knowledge Program


KABUL(BNA): The Islamic Emirate Knowledge program organized for one day in Panjshir by the Departments of Education and Information and Culture in Bazarak district of the province.

The program, which aimed to test students’ knowledge about the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, was held at the central mosque of Bazarak. The event attracted the participation of local officials and hundreds of enthusiastic contestants.

The head of Panjshir’s Education Department stated that the purpose of this program is to provide a better and more comprehensive understanding of the IEA.

According to him, one thousand students from schools and religious institutions across Panjshir participated in this competition.

Mawlana Nasrullah Malekzada, head of Panjshir’s Department of Information and Culture, stated that since the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan operates within the framework of Sharia, these competitions aim to raise students’ awareness of its system.

On the other hand, the participating students expressed their satisfaction with the organizing of such competitive programs, considered it important for enhancing their academic capacities.


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