Mujahid Refutes Concerns Voiced at Munich Conference as Baseless

KABUL (BNA): Mawlawi Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesperson for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, has dismissed the concerns raised about Afghanistan at the Munich Security Conference as unfounded. He asserted that the rights of all citizens, including women, are being respected in the country.
On his official X handle, Mujahid stated that the concerns expressed at the Munich Conference are without merit. He emphasized that Afghanistan is now secure and at peace after years of conflict. He further clarified that no foreign groups are present in the country, and no permission is granted for their activities. Mujahid added that during the two-year rule of the Islamic Emirate, Afghanistan has not posed any threat to any country.
Mr. Mujahid highlighted the strong and effective measures taken against drugs, stating that cultivation has reached zero and there is an ongoing fight against drug trafficking. He assured that the people have security in life, finances, dignity, and mental well-being. He also mentioned that the doors of the courts are open to all Afghans without any discrimination, and their rights are being addressed.
Mr. Mujahid further stated that Afghanistan is moving towards economic prosperity, with the currency value being preserved, significant projects commencing, and extraordinary efforts being made in the health, education, and infrastructure sectors.
Despite these advancements, Mr. Mujahid expressed concern over the distorted image of Afghanistan being presented, the spread of propaganda, and the creation of a sense of fear and threat about Afghanistan. He suggested that this either indicates a lack of information by countries or the spread of incorrect information by malicious circles to such gatherings.
He concluded by stating that Afghanistan continues its progress regardless of efforts to spread propaganda, and no one should expect any declaration or concern to impede it. This statement comes in response to the 2024 Munich Security Conference, where 12 European countries expressed concerns about human rights in Afghanistan, stating that the situation has not changed since the previous year, a claim dismissed by the Islamic Emirate’s spokesperson.

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