MoF Extend Tax Exemption for Another Four Months

KABUL (BNA) Finance Ministry has extended tax exemption for Micro entrepreneurs for another period of four months.

In a statement, the ministry of finance said in order to ease services for Micro entrepreneurs and to encourage them for paying taxes on time, “we reduced taxes and exempted “Micro entrepreneurs” from paying taxes for another four months,”

The taxpayers who paid their taxes till the end of the 1400 solar year were exempted from paying taxes, said the ministry reports.

The micro-entrepreneurs are unable to pay their taxes on time for some economical reason, so the Ministry decided to exempt taxes for the current months 1401 solar years from Hemal to Javza, added the Ministry.

Meanwhile, the Finance Ministry asks all the entrepreneurs to clear their tax penalties and residues till the end of the 4th month 1401 solar year.

Economists say Taxation is the imposition of compulsory levies on individuals or entities by governments in almost every country of the world and is an essential element for the growth, development, or self-sufficiency of a country.



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