Minor Earthquake Strikes Eastern Afghanistan, No Casualties Reported


LAGHMAN (BNA): In a recent seismic event, an earthquake measuring 4.8 on the Richter scale struck eastern Afghanistan, causing minor tremors across the region. The earthquake’s epicenter was located 67 kilometers north of Mehtarlam, the capital city of Laghman province, according to seismological centers.

Although the earthquake was felt in several areas, including Kabul and other provinces in the eastern part of the country, no significant damages or casualties have been reported thus far.

The swift response from local authorities and the absence of casualties offer a glimmer of relief for residents in the affected regions.

The Bakhtar News Agency, relayed information regarding the earthquake. While the tremors caused some concern among the local population, the lack of substantial impact suggests that the infrastructure and buildings in the affected areas have remained resilient against such seismic activities.


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