Major Electricity Projects Worth 390 Million AFN Launched in Aqcha, Jawzjan


KABUL(BNA): In the Aqcha district of Jawzjan province, three major electricity projects with a combined value of 390 million Afghanis have been initiated.

During the inauguration of these projects, Safiullah Ahmadzai, the Chief Operating Officer of Breshna Sherkat, announced that the initiatives encompass the construction of a substantial 220 kV substation, the extension of a 220 kV transmission line, and the development of an electricity distribution network across five districts in Aqcha.

He mentioned that these projects are being implemented by Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat( DABS) and will be completed within a year, benefiting hundreds of thousands of households with electricity.

At the same time, Qari Gul Haidar Shafaq, the governor of Jawzjan, remarked during the ceremony that the Islamic Emirate pays special attention to the implementation of major projects across the country, especially in Jawzjan province. Examples include the Qush Tepa Canal and the construction of this significant substation.

On the other hand, Residents of the five districts of Aqcha in Jawzjan also expressed their gratitude to the officials of the Islamic Emirate for the initiation of this project.

It should be noted that after the Qush Tepa national project, this is the second major project in Jawzjan that commenced today.


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