Labor Minister Omari Arrives in Kabul Following Key Discussions at Russia’s 27th Economic Forum


KABUL(BNA): Mawlawi Abdul Mannan Omari, the Acting Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, returned to Kabul following official visits to Qatar and Russia. His trip included attending the 27th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) where he engaged in significant discussions about employment opportunities for Afghan workers.

Speaking to the medias Omari described the trip as successful and Productive, highlighting his meetings with officials from various countries, focused on creating job opportunities for Afghans, particularly in agriculture in the republics of Chechnya and Tatarstan.

He also met with the Ministers of Economy of Dagestan and Turkmenistan, and the Chairman of the Oman Chamber of Commerce, receiving assurances of cooperation. Additionally, in Qatar, he secured promises to establish a legal mechanism for sending Afghan workers to the country for employment.

He emphasized the importance of creating job opportunities both abroad and within Afghanistan through these international discussions.

Meanwhile, Omari criticized the treatment of Afghan refugees in the United States and some European countries, accusing them of encouraging Afghans to migrate but then providing visas to only a small percentage, leaving the majority in a state of uncertainty and hardship.

Its worth mentioning that the 27th Economic Forum in Saint Petersburg, held in Kazan, Russia, saw participation from about 130 countries, including the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan delegation led by Mawlawi Abdul Mannan Omari, the Acting Minister of Labor and Social Affairs.


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