Kabul Mayor and Turkey’s TIKA Official Discuss Cooperation Urban Development

KABUL(BNA): Kabul Mayor Mawlawi Abdul Rashid held a productive with Fazıl Akın Erdoğan, the head of Turkey’s TIKA, to discuss the current status of the city and the implementation of development plans.

In this meeting, Kabul Mayor highlighted the friendly relations between the cities of Afghanistan and Turkey, as well as the exchange of experiences in scientific and technical fields.

Mayor Abdul Rashid emphasized the importance of strengthening the ties between the two nations, focusing on collaborative efforts to improve urban development and infrastructure in Kabul.

Meanwhile, Fazıl Akın Erdoğan, head of Turkey’s TIKA agency, acknowledged the long-standing friendship between Afghanistan and Turkey. He committed to supporting Kabul Municipality in enhancing staff capacity, designing new flyover, and improving urban amenities.


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