Denmark To Continue Its Assistance To Afghanistan

Kabul (BNA) Dr. Zalmai Rasoul Minister of Foreign Affairs met with the minister of foreign affairs of Denmark and his accompanying delegation. 
At this meeting Dr. Zalami Rasoul thanked Denmark for its cooperation in reconstruction and ensuring of stability in Afghanistan through participation of its soldiers within the framework of ISAF and cooperation in implementing of infrastructure projects and asked for continuation of this assistance. 
Dr. Zalmai Rasoul added that Denmark has provided assistance in economic, education and reconstruction to us for which we are thankful. 
The minister of foreign affairs of Denmark expressed preparedness of his country in provision of more assistance for the people of Afghanistan, adding that Denmark has not reduced its economic assistance but compared to the past years will increase it. 
It is said that Denmark has 750 soldiers and so far 42 Danish soldiers have lost their lives in ensuring security and stability in Afghanistan. 
A part of the Danish soldiers are assisting the German soldiers in Faizabad and some others are cooperating with the team of Lithuanian PRT soldiers in Ghour province. 
The total assistance of Denmark from 2002 up to 2013 will surpass USD 670 million and annually Denmark allocates USD 80 million for reconstruction and security in Afghanistan and this country’s assistance in 2011 reaches around USD 100.

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