Islamic Emirate Chargé d’Affaires and Al-Bukhari University President Discuss Enhanced Support for Afghan Students in Malaysia


KABUL(BNA): The Embassy of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, reported a meeting between the Chargé d’Affaires and the President of Al-Bukhari International University. The discussion focused on the issues faced by Afghan students and other relevant matters.

During the meeting, Naqibullah Ahmadi, expressed gratitude for scholarships granted to Afghan students and the provision of suitable academic environments by the mentioned university president. He expressed hope that Malaysia would expand its cooperation with Afghanistan by providing scholarships and educational opportunities.

He assured that they maintain regular communication with Afghan students, attentive to their concerns, and are actively working to address and resolve their issues.

Professor Datuk Dr. Abdul Aziz, the President of Al-Bukhari International University, also affirmed that he is well aware of the situation of Afghan students in the country.

Dr. Abdul Aziz, further pledged to expand educational opportunities for Afghan students.

Both sides reiterated their dedication to enhancing mutual cooperation and coordination, aiming to improve the educational experience and support for Afghan students in Malaysia.


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