Houses Affected in Development Projects Will Be Compensated


KABUL (BNA): The Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, in conjunction with the Kabul Municipality, convened a session to discuss the development of Kabul city and the impact on buildings during these development projects.

As per a statement from the ministry, the session was chaired by Sheikh Hamdullah Numani, the Acting Minister of the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing. During the session, officials outlined the master plan for Kabul city proposed by JICA, while representatives from Kabul’s municipality presented the city’s development plan designed by the Sasaki organization.

The objective of this discussion was to identify the differences and features between the plans, ensuring the adaptation of development plans, balanced expansion of roads and development in Kabul, and safeguarding the rights of affected individuals while preventing any arbitrary actions in the city.

Sheikh Hamdullah Numani stressed the need to compensate individuals whose buildings have been legally and technically affected in squares and neighborhoods. He urged the Kabul Municipality to prepare a plan for compensating the rights of affected individuals in Kabul.


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