Hezbollah Warns Israel of Unlimited War: Our War Will Be Far from Rules and Laws

KABUL (BNA): Hezbollah Lebanon has warned Israel that it will face a war with no limits, rules, or legality if it attacks Lebanon, following Israel’s recent aerial assault on Beirut that killed a senior Hamas official.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, said that the death of Saleh al-Arouri, a high-ranking Hamas commander, will not be left unanswered. He vowed to retaliate swiftly and intensely if Israel starts a war against Lebanon.

Saleh al-Arouri was killed in a drone strike on Beirut on Tuesday, triggering widespread reactions. Nasrallah rejected any silence on his killing and said that Hamas has the support of its allies in the Gaza war.

He noted that groups like Ansar Allah and the Houthi movement in Yemen have actively opposed Israel in the Red Sea, while others have mostly issued threats and condemnations.


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