Herat Province Initiates Construction of New Theater Hall to Support Local Artists

HERAT (BNA): Herat Theater is set to undergo a transformation with the launch of construction on its new hall.

According to an agreement between the Municipality and the Department of Culture and Information in Herat, construction of the new theater hall has commenced at an estimated cost of approximately 14 million Afghanis.

The new hall of Herat Theater covers an area of 400 square meters and is expected to be completed and operational within the next six months.

Mawlavi Hamidullah Ghaiasi, the cultural and arts director of the Department of Culture and Information in Herat, told Bakhtar News Agency that the new theater hall will address some of the issues faced by artists when utilized effectively.

On the other hand, Herat’s artists express satisfaction with the Islamic Emirate’s initiative, stating that after ten years, they will finally have a dedicated venue for their performances.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Heydari, a prominent artist from Herat, mentions that currently sixty-five theater artists are actively engaged in this province, performing shows for television and social media. However, according to him, the construction of the theater hall will once again bolster the theater arts in Herat.

The Herat Theater was established for the first time in the year 1301 solar hijri by a number of intellectuals and artists from Herat, under the management of Abdul Wahid Bahra and has experienced many ups and downs in recent years.


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