Herat Officials Emphasize Enhanced Coordination with International Organizations


KABUL(BNA): A coordination meeting was held in Herat, attended by the Deputy Minister of Economy, the Deputy Governor of Herat, heads of various government departments, and representatives from international organizations.

Mujahir Farahi, the Deputy Governor of Herat, emphasized the importance of implementing more development programs in underserved areas and called for greater coordination between government agencies and international organizations.

Meanwhile, Abdul Latif Nazari, the Deputy Minister of Economy, stressed the need to prioritize the basic needs of the people in the work plans of foreign organizations. He highlighted the importance of transparency in the operations of these organizations, stating that serving the people is a key focus of the Ministry of Economy.

The heads of the education and environment departments in Herat also outlined the current needs and requested support from international organizations in various sectors.

Representatives from international organizations, including UNICEF and the World Health Organization, shared their challenges and work plans, and assured continued cooperation with local authorities.


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