Hajj Minister Saqib Reviews Successful Hajj Rituals Process in Saudi Arabia


KABUL(BNA): Dr. Noor Mohammad Saqib, the Acting Minister of Hajj and Islamic Affairs, and General Director of the Afghan Hajj Mission in Saudi Arabia, convened a meeting at the Hajj Mission office in Mecca after the successful completion of the Hajj rituals. The gathering included the head and members of the Hajj Consulate, committee officials, and leaders from both central and provincial departments.

During the meeting, Minister Saqib highlighted various aspects of the Hajj process, after reviewing the reports from the committee officials, he urged to focus on strengthening the positive aspects and addressing the existing challenges and issues.

He directed that the current issues be promptly communicated to the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah and Saudi Arabia’s service institutions for swift resolution and careful consideration ahead of the upcoming Hajj season.

The Acting Minister Saqib, further addressed the procedures for transporting pilgrims and ensuring their safe return to the country. In this regard, all committee officials affirmed their readiness and pledged to make every effort towards the successful execution of this process.

At the conclusion, a constructive discussion ensued, with a focus on enhancing facilities and improving services for the upcoming Hajj season.


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