Hajj Minister Saqib and Turkish Charge d’Affaires Discuss Strengthening Religious and Cultural Cooperation


KABUL(BNA): Dr. Mufti Noor Mohammad Saqib, the Acting Minister of Hajj and Religious Affairs, met with Cenk Ünal, the Charge d’Affaires and Acting Ambassador of Turkey in Kabul.

During the meeting, the Turkish Charge d’Affaires expressed satisfaction with the recent achievements and progress of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. He emphasized the importance of the religious and cultural ties between Afghanistan and Turkey.

Mr. Unal emphasized that Afghans and Turks share the same religion and sect, expressing his delight over the good and extensive relations between Turkey and the Islamic Emirate. He stressed the need for further cooperation.

He added that Turkey wants to maintain continuous cooperation with Afghanistan in matters of Hajj, mosques, and other religious fields through its Directorate of Religious Affairs.

For his part, The Minister of Hajj and Religious Affairs, warmly welcomed the Turkish Charge d’Affaires, expressing satisfaction with his positive outlook. He highlighted the significant progress of the Islamic Emirate and recalled his recent visit to Turkey and participation in the Consultative Conference of World Islamic Scholars.

The meeting also covered other important religious topics, discussing the strengthening and expansion of religious and scientific relations, the exchange of ideas between scholars of both countries, Both sides emphasized the need to further develop and sustain cooperation in various fields.


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