Governor Wafa Welcomes Uzbek Investment Plans in Balkh Province

KABUL(BNA): A group of Uzbek businessmen has expressed their keen interest to invest in various sectors in Afghanistan during a meeting with Balkh Governor Mohammad Yousuf Wafa.

In the meeting, Nader Rustam, representing the businessmen from Uzbekistan’s Surkhandarya province, expressed gratitude to the Islamic Emirate for addressing the issues faced by traders and providing necessary facilities.

He mentioned that the businessmen from Surkhandarya are interested in establishing factories in Balkh for the production of milk, plants, construction materials, clothing, and electricity from coal.

Meanwhile, Governor Mohammad Yousuf Wafa thanked the Uzbek businessmen, emphasizing the efforts made by traders from both sides for the economic development of the country. He assured them that the current conditions in Afghanistan are conducive and favorable for investment.

He further added that the Islamic Emirate is steadfast in its commitment to resolving any issues faced by the traders, ensuring a supportive and stable environment for their business endeavors.


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