Female Entrepreneurs Showcase Crafts at Bamyan’s New Market


KABUL(BNA): Local officials in Bamyan have announced the opening of a commercial market for female entrepreneurs for the first time in the Isa Khan Family Park, located in the center of the province.

The head of the Vice and Virtue Directorate in the province, Mawlawi Mahmoodul Hassan Mansoori, told BNA that this market features handmade crafts, Afghan clothing, embroidery, Afghan stitching, miniature artworks, local carpets, and other related items by female entrepreneurs for sale.

Meanwhile, the head of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) office in Bamyan, Mohammad Ashraf Niazi, stated that the market includes 18 shops, a hotel, and a large green area, all designed to promote the industry of female entrepreneurs.

This comes after a similar market for selling handicrafts by female entrepreneurs was previously opened in the Gholghola area of Bamyan center.


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