Expulsion of Afghan Migrants from Pakistan Blatant Oppression: EU Charge D’affaires

KABUL (BNA) The European Union’s Charge d’Affaires in Kabul, during a meeting with the Acting Minister of Refugees and Repatriation Khalil -ur-Rahman Haqqani condemned the forced expulsion of Afghan immigrants from Pakistan as blatant oppression.

A statement released by Refugees and Repatriation Ministry, Khalil -ur-Rahman Haqqani, the Acting Minister of Refugees and Repatriation expressed the desire to transform temporary returnee camps into long-term residential camps during the meeting with the EU Charge d’Affaires, Raffaela Iodice.

The EU Charge d’Affaires emphasized their continued support for returnees, criticizing Pakistan’s recent decision as blatant oppression.

The EU envoy said that they closely monitor the situation of expelled migrants and aim to amplify their voices globally to garner more assistance for involuntary returnees.

Additionally, the deputy representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugee in Afghanistan commended the management of the migrant crisis by the Islamic Emirate.

Haqqani highlighted that with the onset of winter, migrants’ difficulties intensify, urging on emergency aid while emphasizing the need for long-term solutions such as shelter reconstruction, job creation, and essential support.

He mentioned the challenges of transferring returnees to certain provinces during the winter and expressed the intention to convert temporary camps into long-term residential ones, emphasizing the need for humanitarian assistance.

Furthermore, he stressed the importance of addressing both official border gates and informal routes used by migrants.


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