Economic Relief Efforts Bring Hope to Impoverished Families in Panjshir

KABUL(BNA): Ongoing efforts to bolster the economy of impoverished families in Panjshir are showing promising progress, bringing hope and tangible benefits to the community.

In a recent initiative, a relief organization has provided dairy cows and cash assistance to dozens of impoverished families in Panjshir. This support aims to empower these families by boosting their economy through livestock farming and dairy production, offering them a sustainable source of income and improved livelihoods.

An official from the Mizan charity told Bakhtar News Agency that, in this round, 41 impoverished families in the Rukha and Hisa-e-Awal districts each received a dairy cow.

These families expressed their gratitude and shared their plans to improve their economy by producing milk and other dairy products.


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