Deputy Minister Saeed Commends Education Programs and Cultural Achievements in Balkh Province


KABUL(BNA): During a visit to Balkh province, Mawlawi Saaduddin Saeed, the Deputy Minister of Finance, Administration, and Tourism at the Ministry of Information and Culture, met with the head and staff of the Directorate of Information and Culture.

In this meeting, Zabihullah Noorani, the Head of Information and Culture in Balkh, highlighted the achievements, activities, and efforts of the department’s staff.

He mentioned that the directorate has successfully provided free educational opportunities for a thousand young people.

Recognizing the significant impact of their work, Mawlawi Saaduddin Saeed praised the activities and efforts of the Directorate of Information and Culture in Balkh and assured them of comprehensive cooperation.

He further lauded the initiative of providing free educational programs for young people, highlighting the necessity for these efforts to be maintained in a sustainable manner.


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