Death Toll of Palestinians Reach 15,500 in Gaza Conflict


KABUL (BNA): Throughout the 59-day war in Gaza, a total of 15,500 Palestinians have been martyred, 41,000 have been injured, and 1 million have been displaced as a result of Israel’s Zionist forces’ assaults.

Approximately 6,600 Palestinian children and women were among those killed in the conflict.

The precise number of Israeli civilians, soldiers, and Hamas members killed in the war is unknown; however, various media estimates that 1,200 Israeli civilians, 78 soldiers, and hundreds of Hamas movement members have been killed in the war.

Hamas movement claims to have inflicted heavy casualties on Israeli forces. It is said that in the ongoing war, hundreds of Israeli soldiers were killed, many of their high-ranking generals arrested, and a large number of their tanks destroyed.

Medical workers, aid workers, and journalists are among the victims of the Gaza conflict.

The Committee for the Protection of Journalists, in its latest report, which was published on Sunday, 3rd December said that 61 journalists have been killed, 11 injured, 3 are missing and 19 others have been arrested so far in the ongoing war in Gaza.

The journalists who lost their lives include 54 Palestinians, 4 Israelis and 3 Lebanese.

This committee says some other journalists have been threatened, their devices have been broken, their technical equipment has been cyber-attacked, and their family members have been killed.


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