Daikundi Officers Left for Wardak to Take their Military Training Courses

DAIKUNDI (BNA) Military officials in Daikundi said 122 officers were sent to Maidan Wardak province for a 40 days of military training on Monday.

Daikundi chief Commander of police, Mullah Seddiqullah Abid, said: the officers were planning to take their military training in Kandahar, but Due to the tropical weather and road damage between the Daikundi-Kandahar route the plan was canceled and within the coordination of the Ministry of Interior, the officers have been sent to Wardak province.

This forty-day military training course will help Islamic Emirate forces to develop their military technic capacity, during the course they will observe professional manner, principles, and laws, and they will be able to serve the nation better. He added.

Abid said “the training course is not only for the Islamic Emirate forces in one province, but in all provinces, the process has been planned by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.


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