China Offers New Plan for Peace Restoration in the Middle East

KABUL (BNA): China has offered a four-point peace plan for the Middle East to the United Nations Security Council, advocating for the establishment of sustainable peace in the region.

China’s Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, stressed the need for a two-state political solution and urged international commitment to a long-term truce in Gaza as well as civilian protection in the Palestine-Israel conflict.

The plan also urges the UN Security Council to fulfill its responsibilities and intervene based on the current situation in the Gaza Strip.
Wang emphasized the need for concrete steps towards a comprehensive and permanent ceasefire in Gaza and expressed opposition to mass punishment affecting Gaza’s population.

He highlighted the importance of creating space for humanitarian organizations and stressed that relying solely on the Rafah crossing is insufficient to address the needs.

The Security Council held a special session on the conflict between Hamas and Israel, particularly the devastation in Gaza.


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